Silk: The Versatile Indian Fabric.

Royal, versatile, classic and an all time favourite material, silk has been rightly characterised in these words. Silk ensembles are an all season festive wear, that can be beautifully sewn in to splendid outfits for men and women. There’s an abundance of love for Silk in India. Indigenous to China, India seconds silk production in the world and tops the consumption world over. From silk sarees, dresses, kurtas to bridal wear, silk finds its way in to every Indians wardrobe. The fabric has made a strong foothold in the kids clothing line as well. Silk can be categorised in to many kinds – raw silk, noil silk, chanderi silk and more.

India is known for weaving varied kinds of silk. From chanderi and maheshwari silk originating from towns by the same name to rich and elegant Kancheepuram silk that finds its origin in the Kancheepuram region in Tamil Nadu. Tafetta silk flaunts a soft muted lustre and is extensively used in a wide range of kids silk outfits being ghagra cholis for girls to kurta for boys. Much like its counterparts, satin is a commonly woven silk fabric in India. From north to south, east to west, India has a rich textile heritage. Festive wardrobes are incomplete without inclusion of a silk outfit. With many silk types available in the market, which ones are widely preferred and worn? If you are on a silk textile voyage, let us help you discover home grown silks that have graced the wardrobes of the noblesse, the rich, the famous, our mothers and are constantly being innovatively designed to appeal the younger audience.

Raw silk, is manufactured using unprocessed fine thread from two or more entwined cocoons. The outcome is a fabulous piece of highly-lustrous surface that can be easily woven into multiple colours and shades of threads. From florals to intricate motifs, every strand of raw silk can be finely stitched to make a dainty cloth. In India, raw silk is widely used for crafting one-off saris, beautiful lehengas for girls and solid kurta for boys. Chanderi silk sarees are famous for its delicacy and traditional motifs that find inspiration in nature. Maheshwari silk is also a popular material used in traditional wear for its patterns, prints and adaptability. Kancheepuram sarees on the other hand as popular as they are, these sarees are priced highly for every thread that is woven is dipped in gold and silver before it transitions in to a design.

When it comes to kids festive wear, the world over Indian moms are dressing their little ones in silk outfits, for this homegrown fabric festive wear is easily accessible, is well designed and quintessentially keeps their little ones looking stylish and comfortable at same time.


Floral Prints in Fashion.

Every design inspiration is drawn from the past or the present and adaptated to redefine trends. Nature has been known to inspire the likes of many reknowned artists, designers, brands and continues to do so. Be it fashion, graphics or interiors bout of nature can be seen everywhere. One such idea that revives time and again in newer forms or patterns are floral prints. They are a classic that never really goes out of fashion, just evolves in newer fascination to appeal the younger audiences. Right from ‘Kashmir to Kanyakumari’ , from the bygone era to the current technologically advanced times, floral patterns have added charm and cheer in more than many ways and spaces. The natural scenic picturesque landscapes to the handmade floral motifs on the Taj Mahal, every aspect of our lives have somewhere or the other been stirred by flowers.

Floral prints with their vivacity, colourful appeal give any piece of art or an apparel an instant uplift. Fashion too has been fervoured by the floral trend. Jackets for men, floral printed sarees for women to vibrant little girls lehengas. It is hard not to be swayed by this print. From roses entwined in leaves to hisbiscus and cherry blossoms in a spring collection. The demand for floral prints have grown exponentially. Not just nationally, world over people are swooned by this print. From Kimonos that feature floral prints that are indigenous to Japan to the sought-after peonies that have been made popular by the Chinese. Lotus flowers that symbolise luck and money have commonly been embroidered, stitched or embelished on girls lehengas.

Brocade girls lehengas featuring floral prints are fancied and demanded by moms for their ethnic vivacity and stylised look. Kids clothing brands and designers too are using various techniques to render this attractive print. With the popularity that flowers like roses, carnations, hisbiscus, peonies, Indian chintz enjoy it is hard to rule out any one floral print that has stormed the fashion scene. For the feminity, grace, whimsy that floral prints attribute, women, find it hard to single this print out when shopping. Flower fashion has constantly added a refreshing texture and colour to wardrobes making it an essential. With the bygone era, having a fascinating floral print history and the current times adapting it to newer tastes, its going to be an even splendid affair to see what future holds, when it comes to redefining floral prints.

Online Night Suit Shopping: Yay or Nay?

When it comes to picking ensembles for kids, who knows what’s best for children than mom? Bring home your child a closet full of must-have, high on trend sleep wear. From timeless versatility to quirky and magical prints, online night suit shopping offers eminent variety of fabrics, patterns and colours. Scroll through an extensive selection of sleepwear for your kids that you will only find it hard to resist shopping as you keep viewing more and more. Comfortably lounge, in your pajamas, enjoy a hot cuppa coffee without having to run pillar to post to get your little one the perfect night suit.

One concern that every shopper witnesses when shopping online is finding the right size and fit.Don’t be dissuaded by that. Shopping sites clearly segregate the sleepwear by age and size, in addition most of the branded websites, have a return policy. Not that you want to return what you’ve really liked, but should the need arise. The nicest thing about online night suit shopping is that you can view plethora of options and compare all at one time. You don’t have to painstakingly jump off from one store to another. You can simply switch tabs. Each website offers an array of brands and even stand alone brand websites feature multi hued, multi-fabric and silhouette sleepwear options for kids. From the vibrant graphic imprinted t-shirt and pajamas to witty worded tees, to colour blocked night suits. From super figures, cars and actions for your little champ to florals, cupcakes and pink night suits for your little girls, there is a night suit to suit every taste, preference and budget.

In response to the rising demand, online sites frequently up their collections, to engage viewers with newer assortment. Comfort is quintessential to kids clothing. Brands design sleepwear maintaining a balance between comfort and aesthetics. Keep your little one’s highly comfortable from bedtime until dawn with printed, 100% breathable organic cotton sleepwear from FrangipaniKids. This brand has ardent fans in moms worldwide, for their innovative, high on comfort, well designed, stylish take on kids wardrobe essentials. From ethnic sartorial choices to every day wear staples, they finely blend the most appreciated Indian textiles to new-fangled silhouettes and fancy cuts. They are reckoned for creating unique, fashionable and practical kids night suits in organic cotton and cotton blends that retain the soft mothers touch intact. They have an array of night suit collections featuring prints tailored to suit kids preferences. Get-set-go online night suit shopping for classic pajamas and tees for your little one to mom and mini coordinated night suits. You will only be spoilt for choice.

3 Reasons Why Kurta Pajama is A Must Buy For Young Boys.

“Fashion is what you are offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that fashion”. As rightly quoted by Lauren Hutton, style statements are often a curated form of personal taste of fashion and comfort level. And when it comes to kids, being comfortable is all they are seeking for. Whether it is their favourite pair of jumpsuits or those quirky jackets, stylish festive wear for kids have endless choices. When it comes to occasion wear Kurta pajama for boys top the charts, for look & utmost comfort. So, if you are in a dilemma whether or not to opt for a traditional wear this season, here are 3 reasons why you should pick kurta pajamas for your little boy!

It is never out-of-fashion

Kurta pajamas are trendy and royal. With multitude of options available in kurta pajamas these days, your champ can rock n roll the traditional look anywhere, at anytime, without compromising on comfort. If it comes to picking the right pair of kurta pajamas for boys, pair light coloured kurtas with bright hue pajamas. If you are wondering, which is the most preferred colour combination in kurta pajamas? The classic black and white. Be assured your little one will look, dapper, dainty and stylish.

The perfect pair of clothing for festivals

Long kurtas to short kurtas paired with bandi jackets. Kurta pajamas are a heady ensemble for occassions of all kinds. From traditional events such as Independence day, Republic day, Diwali at school to weddings and traditional parties, your little boy will make heads turn with his style statement. If you are looking for an ideal festival outfit for your little boy then kurtas pajamas it is! Fancy prints, whimsical colours, versatile choices make this outfit a an ideal festive wear. Don’t forget to team up the kurta pajama with a pair of simple mojris to complete the look.

Its breathable – expect maximum comfort from kurta pajama for boys

Kurta Pajamas have for decades been a go-to outfit for men and young boys for a smart look and extreme comfort. You can opt for kurtas in a bold or understated look to suit the occasion, budget and style preferences. Boys are always playing, running and on the move. Hence it is of utmost importance that the fabric is like a second skin and not itchy or poky. Cotton kurta pajamas will keep your little one sweat-free and also provide maximum comfort at all times. Dress up your little boy for special occasions in comfy kurtas pajamas that are a perfect blend of style and comfort.

Ghagra Cholis: The Perfect Way to Stylising Girls This Festive Season

Flaring ghagras with stylish cholis make for the perfect outfit for all festivals and occasions. From bright and subtle hues, bold and vibrant patterns to intricate detailing, ghagra choli collections for your little girl will leave you wanting to shop for more. Sometimes, all you need is a single outfit to amp up your festive collection. Give your little girls ethnic wardrobe a refreshing spin with in trend, stylish ghagra cholis. Ranging from Rajasthani gota patti work, Brocade ghagras, Gujarati Kutch embroidery to simple shades of solid colors; you can find girls ghagras cholis in a wide range of fancy silhouettes and bold patterns. Let your little princess flaunt her cuteness in style with trendy ghagras cholis of every tone and print. From shades of solid reds, blue, green and pinks to dazzling golden and shimmery silver, bring home in-trend ghagra cholis featuring your little one’s favourite hue and style.

Intricately crafted with dazzling embellishments and threadworks, ghagras cholis are a must-have for your girl. Your little one will garner endless compliments wearing a kurta choli or embroidered jacket with a contrast ghagra. This unusual combination is trending in this years festive look and in addition makes up for an easy to wear, fuss-free outfit. Moms opt for outfits that are a perfect amalgamation of comfortable fabric and elegant prints. The best option is a soft, cotton fabric ghagra choli that will keep your little one relaxed all day long. Alternatively you can also opt for subtle designs over heavily embellished ghagra cholis to keep your little one feeling comfortable at all times of the event.

If you do not want to run from every pillar to pole, finding the right ghagra choli for your princess then there are a number of options available online for girls ghagras cholis to suit your preference, taste and budget. Brands like FrangiKids employ designs that are a balance of alluring aesthetics and optimal comfort. All ghagra cholis are made using fabrics that are kid-friendly so that they can move and play all day hassle-free. FrangipaniKids collection of ghagra cholis, kurta pajama for boys, playwear are all embraced by moms round the world for their unparalleled quality and finesse. Whether your little trend-setter has to make heads turn at a wedding, a festive event or Diwali, Holi, Navratri party at school, give her ensemble the festive glam with ghagra cholis in festive hues and striking embellishments.

Festive Fashion Favorite: Kurta for Boys

Festive functions are all about dressing up your best. When it comes to fashion, why should boys feel overshadowed? Edgy and elegant kurta for boys are available in a wide range for special occasions. Whether it is the colorful festival of Holi, bright festival of Diwali or a wedding, kurtas are the favored fashion pick for boys. From plain colored kurtas to embroidered ones, you can find a range of kurtas to dress your little boy for festivals. If you are planning to buy kurta for boys this festive season, here are few must-haves that are an absolute wardrobe essential.

Classic Solid Colored Kurta for Boys

Simple is always attractive and beautiful. For your little one’s next traditional outing opt for a solid colored kurta. If an elegant and classy outfit is what your little boy prefers then a solid kurta with minimal or no thread work will definitely impress him. You can choose a kurta from various color schemes ranging from whites, blues and reds. Wear the kurta with printed pajama and contrast pair of mojris. The look is apt for a day event as well as an evening time out. Add a graceful touch to your little champs festive look with stylish in-trend kurta for boys

Stylish Printed kurtas

Printed Kurtas are an ethnic wear, wardrobe staple. Kurta for boys are available in an extensive range of prints, colours, patterns and fabrics. Select from a wide assortment of fabrics that will keep your little one looking dapper and comfortable at all times. Match a printed kurta with jeans or trousers to suit the occasion and your preference. You can also pair a cotton printed kurta with stretch pajamas and a pair of black sandals to complete the entire look in style.

Look Dapper in Sherwani kurtas

Sherwani kurtas are a totally in-thing for special occasions, be it festivals, birthdays or weddings. Smart and elegant is how your little prince will look in the Sherwani kurtas. You can choose light colored sherwani in silk fabric featuring beautiful motif prints or opt for embellished sherwani kurtas in brocade and silk. Featuring mandarin collars and full sleeves, you don’t need to look beyond boy’s sherwani kurta sets for the perfect ethnic outfit.

This festive season surprise your little champ with a range of kurtas that will make him look his festive best. From solid hues to printed patterns, kurta for boys are the perfect pick.

Sleep well-dressed in a click!

Gone are the days when our mothers and grandmothers made us sleep in hideous cotton nighties with even uglier prints or plain white night suits. Today, online night suit shopping for kids has made it both easy and convenient for moms to give their little ones the cutest and trendiest night wear. Sleepwear for kids come in an assortment of styles for both little girls and young boys. These include night dresses, tee-shirt and shorts, loose fit pyjamas, pretty gowns for girls to kurta pyjama set for boys – all available through online shopping . Not just the style, sleepwear come in attractive designs and variety ranging from fun cartoons, colourful graphics, witty typography, classic stripes, whimsical polka dots to unimaginable prints and patterns.

Over the years, range of colours in kids night wear have extended from plain shades like white, blue and pink to pretty pastels, bright sunshine hues to western tints like mauve, teal, cyan and magenta. The range of colours, prints and fabrics will leave you spoiled for choice. The perfect night wear means a perfect night’s sleep for your little one as well as you. No matter what your child’s tastes might be, or how fussy they might be, online night suit shopping makes it convenient and easy to browse, till you manage to find and buy that perfect night suit for your child that they will not want to take off. Whether it’s frilly, fluffy, soft as a feather or a dire need to shop a night suit in your child’s favourite colour, parents can do it all in the comfort of home, dressed in pyjamas themselves. Brands like FrangipaniKids create stylish sleepwear that is made in India, using 100% ultra soft, breathable, cotton fabric that isn’t stiff or scratchy to ensure your kids experience utmost comfort. The founders being parents themselves, have an in depth understanding on what kids like and prefer to wear, thus creating clothing that is a perfect balance of style and comfort.

With seasons changing and requirements varying from time to time, online portals are constantly updated with the latest trends and most happening night suits, which is a sure shot way of staying trendy, even while you sleep. So, whether you’re looking to keep warm or show your child off at their next sleepover party with the trendiest night wear, get online, get browsing and sit back and watch as they become the envy of their play circles for their trendy sleep wear.

Kurta Pajama For Boys: The new comfortable stylish option for young boys

Give your young champ’s wardrobe an ethnic twist by embracing the sartorial classic of ethnic wear –  kurta pajama for boys. A sophisticated attire, the traditional kurta pajama has graced men’s ethnic wardrobe for several years. The ideal outfit for festive occasions, traditional outings, school celebrations and events like weddings. The slightly loose kurta and pajama is available in a variety of patterns, fun colors and large selection of fabrics to appeal to its young audience. The kurta pajama is easy to find and easy to wear. Kids can easily play, dance and be themselves without any attire constrictions in movement and play. So, what are the kinds of kurta pajamas you can shop for your little one? We’ve enlisted an easy and quick guide to make shopping an effortless task for you.

Bedtime Kurta Pajama Sets for Boys

Most commonly found and worn bedtime Kurta Pajama sets are made using soft organic cotton fabric. They are soft to touch, breathable and kids love wearing them as they are extremely comfortable. They are widely available in cool prints and vivid colours. Dressing up for bedtime will always be an easy task, as cotton made kurta pajamas not only ooze a cute and stylish appeal but are most importantly high on comfort.

The Wedding Kurta Pajama for Boys

Dress up your toddler in elegantly designed kurta pajamas for traditional ceremonies. Available in wide selection of fabrics such as chanderi silk, brocade, khadi, and cotton, ready to wear sets are designed to ensure oodles of style and a lot of comfort. So your child can strut the outfit for longer durations, comfortably irrespective of the season. Let your little munchkin steal the thunder of any event looking dapper and royal in the age-old charming ethnic attire.

Kurta Pajama Set for Festive Events

Independence day celebrations at school? Holi or Diwali party at a friend’s place? Your little one can sport a light hued cotton kurta pajama and he is all ready and set to rock the event like a star. Kurta Pajamas can be worn by elders and young boys to different occasions with no trouble, for they look elegant and are convenient to wear.

When you shop for kurta pajamas,  you are not only dressing up your little one differently from the usual everyday western attire but are also encouraging Indian craftsmanship and handloom industries. There is definitely an innate joy in dressing up traditionally and trending India’s favorite ethnic wear attire for men and young boys.

Wardrobe Essentials for Young Indian Boys

From season specials to festive must-haves, do you find yourself putting in a great effort to shop for your little champ? When shopping, you don’t want to stock  up on anything that is high on trend that totally subdues the comfort factor, you also don’t want to miss out on the yearly fashion favorites in lieu of comfort. So here’s a quick guide to buying wardrobe essentials for young Indian boys that will let kids be kids and at the same time ensure a perfect balance between fashion and comfort.

  1. Jackets

Jackets are great for layering, especially during the winters. Keep your little man cozy and warm with jackets that are available in varied fabrics, cuts and styles. From jeans, coudroy, canvas, simple jackets to bomber and biker jackets, season is just an excuse to stock this clothing item. Be it any kind of jacket, cool graphic printed ones to wear in summer as a style statement to vibrant coloured casual or smart jackets for an outing, there’s a jacket of every kind to ink a liking with your champ. You can even consider bundi jackets to pair with kurtas in the festive season or to wear casually with jeans.

  1. T-shirts

No wardrobe is complete without t-shirts of various kinds. Cool superman or batman printed graphic tees to lettered slogan ones, the choices are endless. Kids gravitate towards fun and colorful tees immediately. From birthday parties to a day out at the beach, you can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. Plus t-shirts are perfect for summer and also a good all- season clothing pick. They are flexible and super comfortable. Kids can play in them, all day long and it is a classic fashion trend that you can buy and wear till it starts to really fade. Need another reason to stock t-shirts for your champ? They are available at various price points to match all kinds of shopping budgets.

  1. Kurta for Boys

When shopping for your little rock star, Indian wardrobe staples are kurta for boys. They look good, are comfortable and are an easy selection festive occasions and traditional outings. The best part about buying kurta for boys? They are an all-classic trend. Pair them with denims, trousers or pants, kurta for boys will match easily with anything and still look great! You don’t have to really worry about seasons when it comes to shopping kurta for boys. The patterns, detailing, fabric types, colour option are all available beyond limit.

From making style statements to ensuring the utmost comfort, stock on these must haves to mark off your yearlong attire, wardrobe essential shopping checklist for your little champ.